Kimberley Chen (Chinese name: 陳芳語) also known mononymously as Kimberley, is a Taiwanese Australian singer, born in ‘94. [link to her wiki so this doesn’t become an essay pmsl] Having been a previous sensation after guesting on a popular Taiwanese singing competition show, Kimberley released an acoustic cover of the song 愛你 (Love You) from Fondant Garden Drama OST, which became a Youtube sensation, passing hundreds of thousands of views in a matter of days. She released her debut album on April 27th, which shot up the charts the moment of its release. Her debut single 愛你 became an immediate hit, and was 1st on KKBOX chart for almost 30 weeks, an extremely impressive feat for any artist, let alone a rookie.

Her debut album contains many songs for which she self-wrote the lyrics or song, and about half of the songs are in English (Satellite*Never Change*Nike AirFridaySo Good).

Her Youtube channel | Facebook | Twitter (she usually posts in Chinese except for the occasional English messages on her Facebook and Twitter, so if you need translations feel free to hmu!)

Videos of her being completely adorable:

Her attempt at an intro video , One of her album teaser videos that includes her being cute with an Elmo plushie

Some other videos:

MV of 愛你 (Love You) MV of Never Change* , Kimberley’s tap dancing + Rehab cover , Kimberley’s legit great dancing skills , Predebut video message to Leehom Wang titled literally ‘PLEASE LEEHOM!!!! PLEASE!’

Last but not least, a download of Kimberley’s debut album, Kimberley! (individual links here. If you can, try to support Kimberley by buying her album on iTunes, or a physical copy if you have the opportunity!

*personal favs if anyone wants recs lmao

**if anyone ever needs translations for anything, feel free to ask me! 

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